Mastering iOS 17: Tips and Tricks for Getting the Most Out of Your iPhone

Mastering iOS 17: Tips and Tricks for Getting the Most Out of Your iPhone

You just updated to iOS 17, and everything feels new. The redesigned icons, widgets, and shortcuts can be overwhelming at first. But with some helpful tips and tricks, you'll be navigating iOS 17 like a pro in no time.

Personalized Phone Calls

Now you can set a photo, Memoji, or even video as your call display image, making every call visually unique. Go to Settings > Phone > Call Display and select a photo, a customized Memoji, or create a short video clip to use when making calls. This adds a personal touch for both you and the recipient.

Live Voicemail

iOS 17 transcribes voicemail messages in real-time so you can read along as the message is left. You can now decide if you want to accept the call based on the transcription without having to listen to the full voicemail. Toggle this feature on in Settings > Phone > Voicemail. The transcription appears at the top of the incoming call screen, allowing you to review the message as it's left.

Unified iMessage Apps

All your installed messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Skype are now conveniently accessed from within iMessage. Tap the app icon when in an iMessage conversation to seamlessly switch between them without changing screens. You can now message all your contacts from one place, rather than switching between apps.

Check-In Feature

Enable the new Check-In notification in Settings > Messages > Check-In. This allows you to automatically notify selected contacts when you've arrived at a chosen destination safely. Your ETA is shared, then

once you reach the destination, your phone can detect it and send an update. This gives peace of mind to family and friends when traveling.

Interactive Widgets

Widgets are now interactive to streamline daily tasks. Swipe left on the music widget to change tracks rather than opening the Music app. Tap the smart home widget to turn lights on or off. Interactive widgets put common controls right on your home screen for efficiency and convenience.


With these tips, you'll fully utilize the personalization, communication, safety, and convenience upgrades in iOS 17. As you discover more tricks, your iPhone will become an even more powerful productivity and creative tool. iOS 17 brings fresh innovations that will change how you use your iPhone every day. Want to learn more about how to navigate Apple’s newest updates like a pro? Click here to discover our next training session!


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